Att. Reverend William Horatio Walsh (1812 – 1882)
(The Convict Ship Asia) 1850
Ink wash with Chinese white on paper
18 x 25.5 cm
Inscribed with initials lower right: ‘W.H.W.’
Inscribed lower left: ‘The Asia on 2nd of August 1850 / Lat: 44.24. S. / Long: 164.9.2 / in very light air from S.S.W.”  

The Asia was built in Calcutta in 1815, and served variously as a convict ship and as a general trader between England and Australia. The ship is notable for transporting the renowned convict artist William Buelow Gould to Hobart Town in 1827.

This work, dating from 1850, depicts the ship in the south Tasman Sea, off the coast of New Zeland. The work is signed lower right “W H W”, which suggest the artist is the Reverend William Horatio Walsh, who was a passenger on board at this time.

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