Masterpiece Gallery 2022 Joe Rose (1915 – 1999) BEM Exhibition

Masterpiece Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition for the late Joe Rose BEM. Joe Rose was born into a Jewish family in Waldenberg, Germany in 1915. In 1933 he was imprisoned in Sonnenburg Concentration Camp for anti-Nazi activities, and then in Buchenwald in 1938.

In 1939 he and his wife escaped to England and he served in the British army throughout the war. Afterwards, he studied art and worked and exhibited in Australia, where he was awarded the British Empire Medal, afterwards dividing his time between Australia and London. Joe Rose died in Tasmania, Australia in 1999.

Joe Rose was able to achieve spectacular variety in his works of art, due to his being a ‘man of the times’. He had experience with commercial design work in London, creating beautiful department store window designs and related displays. This helps to explain the wonderful graphic design elements present in many of his works

Below is a short video of Joe’s son Randy describing his father and his work.